Shocker 204

In-Game Robot Prototype I made for an unannouced game project I’m working on ( model made in 2016 )

2K PBR maps, Textured with 3DCoat ( SWR’s Workflow ), model+UV in 3dsMax ( and still a little maya, a little ! ) UV Packing with 3DCoat, Baking done with Handplane, and finally rigging/posing with Akeytsu !

At first I did 7 versions of its textures in rush time ( one version tooks me 30 min to do, fully done with almost only random smartmaterials everywhere, my bad ^^ ), but finally after reworking the Worker’s and Sentinel’s textures I came back to this one to get a look that fit better to the others I made =D

Hope you’ll like it !

Etienne beschet shocker 204

3DViewer - v8 ( reworked version )

Etienne beschet botcrew shocker 204
Etienne beschet v1


Etienne beschet v2


Etienne beschet v3


Etienne beschet v4


Etienne beschet v5


Etienne beschet v6


Etienne beschet v7


Etienne beschet v8

v8 - Reworked one =)