Hi guys !

I’ll start adding things on my store, so here is the full character “e-LysE” I posted last year with all her skins textures in PBR + Akeytsu file with a full rig ( IK + ReverseFoot ).

The model is realtime ready so you can export it anywhere on realtime engines like UnrealEngine4/Unity.

All maps are in 4K/Uncompressed Targa, you’ll have : BaseColor/Roughness/Metalness/Normals/AmbientOcclusion/Emissive/Cavity on each skin

And of course the model is ready to be animated if you have Akeytsu ;) You have 4 weapons, 2 are parented on each wrists and 2 others on root so you can do some fun attack combo with them or whatever you want =D

Note : Normalmap was baked using face-weighted vertice normals in mikk tangent space, so remember to keep them when importing on your engine instead of generating them.

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