About the product itself, you’ll get : -Syblast’s Ethereal/Adrenaline/RedPulse skins, each one use handpainted PBR maps in 4K (displayed model is “Ethereal” Skin, you can view each skins here : -Syblast’s rig with anim sample on Akeytsu, plus A-Pose FBX character without animations. The rig is simple but let you do some basic facial expressions ;) N.B : Use MIKK’s tengentspace with Y- for normalmaps =)

Syblast is an Overwatch themed Character made from scratch, I used this project to improve my skills in stylized anatomy sculpture. The character was inspired by Joseph Korso and overwatch character’s designs. If you’d like me to sell more stuff like this feel free to ask ;)

Special thanks to Aurélien Charrier, Aurélien Baarsch, Julie Pain & Arnaud Real for your precious help !

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