Vulture Droïd

Model comes in 3 versions :

-FBX without skeleton

-FBX with skeleton & a flying anim sample

-AKT (akeytsu file with the rig, skin & anim sample)

handpaint PBR texture set (TGA, 4K, uncompressed)

Notes are included in order to understand how these files works. Since it’s a FBX, it can be imported on any engine that support FBX (it’s even better if said engines can read skeletal meshes).

Normal maps are Y- (perfect for 3dsMax/UE4 but will work on any other engine, just flip the green channel) and uses MIKK tangent space

While you can decide to redo the whole rig on maya/max/blender, I encourage you to try using akeytsu, you won’t regret it =)

Des Bisous ! ♥

Animations done by Thomas Chaumel

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