Star Wars - Redemption (Fan Project)


Hello there !
This project is composed of two major parts :

- Demo of the game, some updates may come after initial release but I want to let it as is and move on other projects, feel free to explore it at will
- ArtBook (pdf, French language cause yep, I'm from this land =) Added English version too). Since I made this artbook some time ago, new artwork isn't there and the project may look better (more levels, characters, starfighters...etc)

To get the demo, download the zip from the link provided in the .txt file (artstation doesn't allow to upload big free files)
then simply unzip the archive anywhere and launch from "StarWarsRedemption.exe" in folder "[version number]\WindowsNoEditor"
As updates may come, don't forget to take a look at the folder, if you see a different version number, there's an update with something new to look at =) I may warn about these updates through social media/blog/youtube posts, but not here

Please refrain from sharing the dropbox link. Instead please share the artstation product link (this helps me having an idea about how many of you are playing it, and should also ease the bug track process =))

This is a fan project, not made with a full-featured game project objective in mind, just to enjoy making star wars stuff as a fan and artist

Important note : the game can be ressource heavy, so please avoid running it on poor PC rigs or do it at your own risks (RTX is not used, but a good 1070 GTX is required)

Thanks to Thomas Chaumel for his work on the animation part (both game & cinematic, as well as mentoring me)
Thanks to Thibaut Hunckler, Alexandre Cheremetieff for their help on the blueprint/code part of the game project

Thanks also to George Lucas for his wonderful universe, to Dave Filoni for making The Clone Wars which inspired me to create Mevenn and then Star Wars - Redemption as a bigger project.

Thanks to John Williams, Jeremy Soule, & Audio Network Composers for your incredible work on musics. These drove my mind through most of my creations, especially on this big project

Des Bisous ♥

Release Notes

Edited the Mega link, so now you just need to copy the only one link and everything works fine. Tadaaaa =)

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