The Burning Descent | Training Bot

Training Bot

Made with 3dsmax/ZBrush/3DCoat/Akeytsu, from a conceptart made by Maxime Teppe and I

At the begining of The Burning Descent's dev, this bot was here to train players, the team did almost everything in order to get it into the game, but we've finally aborted this feature so I tried to drop the bot on some parts of the level anyway ^^ I can't let a cool thing go away like that ^^ You can see some of them arround the map, as "victims" of the arena fighters =D

The The Burning Descent is a VR Game made@ RyseUp Studios in Lyon, playable at in Grenoble, France

Etienne beschet thumbnail cha trainingbot

Training Bot

Etienne beschet trainingbot

Training Bot - Made with 3dsmax/ZBrush/3DCoat/Akeytsu

Training Bot - Pose 01

Training Bot - Pose 02

Training Bot - Pose 03

Etienne beschet gun

PlasmaGun - first one used to test metrics/game design related features, not used in game


Etienne beschet victimbots

VIctimBots - Used to add some "life" in closer environments, one thing we thought about at the beginning was to use them as ragdolls before the fight to allow players having some fun while staying in their spawners ^^


Etienne beschet concept kenzan enemy

Quick paint over I did on Maxime Teppe's conceptart ( on the left ) for the Training Bot