Le Voyage de Léo

TV Serie Trailer

I worked on several environments ( concept & 3D ), Lighting and Compositing, and helped as Character/Animator/VFX Artist when needed. Project was made by & with Aurélien Baarsch ( Creator, Art Director, ConceptArt, Team & Project Management ), Julie Pain ( Charadesign, Compositing, Lighting, Environment ), Alexis Meunier ( Animator, Character Artist ) and Rémy Bonnin ( Rigger, Character/Props Artist, VFX )

On the Game " The Cryptoporter" the team was a little smaller, I was in charge of the project's art related content, Aurélien Baarsch supervised its developpement, Thibaut Hunckler was in charge of Programming and Alexis Meunier made some animation cycles so we were able to play Léo in the game =)

Le Voyage de Léo - TV Serie Trailer

I worked mainly on environments ( concept & 3D ), Lighting and Compositing with Aurélien Baarsch, Julie Pain, Alexis Meunier and Rémy Bonnin

Etienne beschet mte set toscaneflorence

Matte Painting | Toscane, Florence

Etienne beschet conceptart set toscaneflorence

ConceptArt | Toscane, Florence

Etienne beschet levoyagedeleo florence

Environment Art | Toscane, Florence

Etienne beschet conceptart set lillys

ConceptArt | Lillys

Etienne beschet levoyagedeleo lillys

Environment Art | Lillys

Etienne beschet conceptart set champitol

Environment Art

Etienne beschet levoyagedeleo champitol

Environment Art | Champitol

Etienne beschet levoyagedeleo sanctuaire de l artefact

Environment Art| Sanctuaire de Champitol

Etienne beschet levoyagedeleo champitol 02

Environment Art | Extérieur du sanctuaire de Champitol

Etienne beschet mte set champitol ext reborn

Matte Painting | Champitol Reborn

Etienne beschet conceptart set cokiliande

ConceptArt | Cokilliande

Etienne beschet conceptart set the land of ethereal dreams

ConceptArt |The Land of Ethereal Dreams. I made an OST for this one =') https://soundcloud.com/etienne-beschet/sleeping-in-the-land-of

Etienne beschet the badcave

Environment Art | The Bade Cave ( réutilisation des assets )

Etienne beschet thecryptoporter screenshot 01

Environment Art | The Cryptoporter ( Main Menu ), game made on Unity on 2 weeks to quickly develop a game prototype in order to explain what we can achieve with a single asset production. I was responsible of LevelDesign/LevelArt/GameDesign/TeamManagement

Etienne beschet thecryptoporter screenshot 02

Environment Art | The Cryptoporter ( Level Start )

Etienne beschet thecryptoporter screenshot 03

Environment Art | The Cryptoporter ( One of the room I made )

Etienne beschet thecryptoporter screenshot 04

Environment Art | The Cryptoporter