LightSaber Hilts

All hilts I did on my freetime, all of them were fun to do =)

I mostly used 3DCoat for the texturing process, but not the same way for each sabers. For example the ObiWan Ep1 hilt was only painted in 3DCoat and then I get PBR maps with Photoshop, instead of RedJaws one which was fully done using 3DCoat in no time, with custom smartmaterials I did for Star Wars Redemption ( it really speed up your workflow to do that, and you don't lose the handpainted control you love ^^ )

Star Wars - Rdemption's project :

Etienne beschet prp wp lightsaber macewindu

MaceWindu's LightSaber - Another lightsaber fanart =)
Made with 3dsmax & 3DCoat using the PBR workflow, 2K Base/Roughness/Metalness/AO/Normals maps
Enjoy and may The Force be with you !

Etienne beschet prp wp lightsaber mevenn

Mevenn's LightSaber - I used 3DCoat but only for the diffuse/AO/Normal map, the rest was done in photoshop & marmoset.
Highpoly/Lowpoly/UVs done with 3dsmax/3DCoat 2K PBR Maps ( Diffuse/Roughness/Metalness/AO/Emissive/Normalmap )

Etienne beschet prp wp lightsaber obiwan 1

ObiWan's LightSaber from EP I - The model was done using 3dsmax, Substance painter ( bake ), 3D-Coat ( handpainting ), Photoshop ( layer managing & tweaks ) & Marmoset. 2K PBR maps

Etienne beschet prp wp lightsaber obiwan 4

ObiWan's LightSaber from EP IV - Modeled on 3dsmax ( Low & Highpoly ) Textured with xNormals/Photoshop/3d-Coat

Etienne beschet prp wp lightsaber redjaws

RedJaws's LightSaber - Rework of the old model’s textures to fit the new art direction I took. These maps were still made with 3DCoat but in arround 10-15minutes with custom handpaint smartmaterials, PBR 2K maps