The Burning Descent | Weapons

All Weapons and related stuff I did for The Burning Descent VR, for RyseUp Studios are here, the game run under Unreal Engine 4. All other weapons in game were made by talented mate Anthony Daneluzzi.

I used 3DCoat for mostly everything except for stencils/Brushes creation ( PS ) with custom smartmaterials ( same used on SWR project =) )
3dsMax for all Low/Highpolys
MightyBake for...well, baking I guess ^^
Akeytsu for Rig/Skin/Anim of the CrossBow

Special thanks to Anthony Daneluzzi, Fantin Gislette, Alexandre Cheremetieff, Jonathan Belot, Laurent Dessart, Guillaume Zannoni, Maxime Teppe, Coralie Bruchon, Adrien Chenet, Milen Ivanov, and evryone who helped bringing this game to life ! I really enjoyed working with all of you and I hope we'll keep teaming'up like that in the future =)

The Burning Descent is a VR Game made@ RyseUp Studios in Lyon, playable at in Grenoble, France

Etienne beschet thumbnail theburningdescent wp


Etienne beschet crossbow

CrossBow - Not implemented yet ( but almost ), rigged on akeytsu and made on 3dsmax/3DCoat


Etienne beschet gun

PlasmaGun - first one used to test metrics/game design related features, not used in game


Etienne beschet holster

Holster - You grab this in the tutorial, it's used to tignify you that you can grab them directly from your belt, anywhere in the game =)