Arcanist's House

Something a bit different this time, done in 2 weeks, really cool things to learn here and a pleasure to get back to concept art and heroic-fantasy stuff ( You probably know how much I love Star Wars...but it's the same with Sacred, Diablo, Lord of the Rings, etc ;) )

All stuff shares a single texture set with different materials according to some tricks I wanted to do, for example, for grass fade or FX cards, which was painful to figure out at the beginning and finally a great thing to work fast ^^ (probably the biggest thing I've learned here =))

I used ZBrush for sculpt, 3dsmax for modeling/Uv, 3DCoat for texturing and making all tiles, Marmoset for baking/shading/lighting/rendering, Knald for generating custom curvature/cavity used then in 3DCoat, and Photoshop for concept/textures tweaks.

Hope you'll like it =)

Etienne beschet set arcanisthouse screenshot 01

Final 3D Model (screenshot 01)

3D viewer of the Arcanist House

Etienne beschet concept art arttest shirogames diorama 01

ConceptArt I did to have an idea of what to do then in 3D ^^ Well...a concept =)

Etienne beschet set arcanisthouse screenshot 02

Screenshot 02

Etienne beschet set arcanisthouse screenshot 03

Screenshot 03

Etienne beschet arttest shirogames diorama sculpts

All sculpted assets I made =)

Etienne beschet texturing windows

Final Windows (mapped on whatever you want ^^ Of course planar topology works best !)

Etienne beschet texturing tile pavements

Tileable texture of pavements

Etienne beschet texturing tile planks

Tileable texture of wood planks (floor and other assets such as Keg, crates, doors, etc )

Etienne beschet texturing tile rooftiles

Tileable texture of rooftiles

Etienne beschet texturing tile grass

Tileable texture of grass

Etienne beschet texturing tile wallbricks

Tileable texture of bricks wall

Etienne beschet texturing tile mud

Tileable texture of mud

Etienne beschet texturing tile wallplastertimbered

Tileable texture of timbered wall

Etienne beschet t set diorama arcanisthouse compilmaps

Textures Atlas. Ground texture is another one, made especially for this diorama, I guess once in engine it's possible to avoid this too specific stuff