Hunter [Zx-T6]

Hi all !

First first first of ALL : I want to thank a lot the 3D-Coat team for the huge curvature improvement you did on 4.7.24 build, as it has just speed up my texturing workflow by 200%, guys, it's the best update of your soft since smartmaterials were added ! And as this workflow is the one I use on SWR's a cool news ^^

About the character now : I just wanted to bring an old concept I did to life, it was originally an idea I had for a game prototype but it was never used ( so sad ='( ). I made it with 3dsMax/MightyBake/3DCoat, then Akeytsu for rig/skin/posing ( and maybe anim one day ^^ ) .Zbrush was used for making the general shapes before going on 3dsmax, I think it really helps with organic/strangely curved shapes. I changed many things once in 3D in order to have a cooler robot to look and also a more aggressive ennemy to fear.

Hope you'll like this new one =)

Etienne beschet hunter
Etienne beschet botcrew hunter zx t6
Etienne beschet conceptart hunter zx t6

Original ConceptArt

Etienne beschet cha hunterbot
Etienne beschet cha hunterbot sculpt

ZBrush Sculpt