The Burning Descent | ConceptArt Stuff

Some ConceptArts I did for The Burning Descent

Special thanks to Anthony Daneluzzi, Fantin Gislette, Alexandre Cheremetieff, Jonathan Belot, Laurent Dessart, Guillaume Zannoni, Maxime Teppe, Coralie Bruchon, Adrien Chenet, Milen Ivanov, and evryone who helped bringing this game to life ! Your feedbacks really helped me pushing this to that level =)

The Burning Descent is a VR Game made@ RyseUp Studios in Lyon, playable at in Grenoble, France

Etienne beschet d dropbox 01 conception artistique 2017 thumbnail theburningdescent conceptarts


Etienne beschet conceptart flyingvehiclestation v4

VehicleStation v4 ( the one choosed for the game )

Etienne beschet conceptart flyingvehiclestation v123

VehicleStation v1,2,3 with and without the "motobylette" =)

Etienne beschet conceptart flyingvehiclestation v123 chargingpoint
Etienne beschet conceptart flyingvehicledoor v1

First version of the VehicleSpawn's Door

Etienne beschet conceptart weaponrack

Weapon Racks

Etienne beschet conceptart plateforme capturepoint

Capture Point

Etienne beschet prp platform shields

Random Covers ideas

Etienne beschet concept kenzan enemy

Quick paint over I did on Maxime Teppe's conceptart ( on the left ) for the Training Bot

Etienne beschet conceptart thelostpit tutorial

Some tutorial's artworks I did

Etienne beschet conceptart vfx teleport

VFX Teleport