Star Wars - Redemption | CIS Droideka

made with 3dsmax/Marmoset/3DCoat/Akeytsu for Star Wars Redemption

Some harder to kill and well known ennemies ^^

Done in 2-3 days, texturing fully done with mouse pointer, using custom smartmaterials as usual ;)

All shaders here are really basic since I don't know how to do the same stuff I do with unreal ( things like depth fade, vertex offset, heat disto...etc. This shield should look way better once in unreal ^^ )

Star Wars - Redemption's project :

Side notes :

Etienne beschet cha droideka skin basic full

Droideka- Basic's skin, made with 3dsMax/3DCoat, rig/skin and anim made with Akeytsu, normalmap bake & render done with Marmoset Toolbag 3 ( this skin was of course inspired by the one we've all seen in the TV show ;) )

Droideka - Basic's Skin 3D viewer

Etienne beschet cha droideka skin elite full

Droideka- Elite's skin ( this one is an idea of a more badass droideka, one you may fear even more than classical one =O )

Droideka - Elite's Skin 3D viewer

Etienne beschet droideka blamblam