A character done for an art test in 3 days from scratch ( based on a conceptart I didn't do this time ^^)

I really enjoyed the sculpt part of the process, going back on anatomy (I hesitated to start from one of my basemeshes, but I would have learned less things). And I think it's a good thing to see how fast I can actually get a character done, it will helps estimate each step's timings better on the next one =)

Sculpt made on ZBrush
Retopo + UV on 3dsmax
Textures on 3DCoat - Diffuse + SpecularColor/Glossiness (stored alpha channel). 2048px reduced to 512px due to model's polycount

Texturing was based on normalmap/curvature/AO/ID bakes (done with Marmoset 3), then mixed/painted textures with 3DCoat

Etienne beschet cha badmax pbr

Full PBR version of the model, on which all the final textures depends

Etienne beschet cha badmax pbr wireframe

Retopo/UVs done on 3dsMax (limit was 3000 tris)

Etienne beschet cha badmax

Downsized textures (from 2048² to 512² and Metal/Rough to SpecColor/Gloss)

Etienne beschet cha badmax sculpt

Sculpt, done on ZBrush

Viewer with usual PBR maps (Rough/Metal/Normalmap/AO, etc)

Viewer of the final model, as it has a very low polycount, huge textures are not needed I guess ^^" (made with two 512px textures, one for diffuse, then other for spec/gloss)

Etienne beschet cha badmax texturesbreakdown

Textures breakdown