The Burning Descent | Scavenger - Vos'Kara

I made character's PBR textures/Rig/Posing with 3DCoat/Akeytsu

( High/Low/Uvs/Bake ) was made by the talented artist Coralie Bruchon ( )

I used 3DCoat for mostly everything except stencils/Brushes creation ( PS ) with custom smartmaterials ( same used on SWR project =) )

Special thanks to Coralie Bruchon, Adrien Chenet, Alexandre Cheremetieff, Maxime Teppe, Anthony Daneluzzi, for your feedbacks ( especially about skin tones ;) ), it helped me so much !

The Burning Descent is a VR Game made@ RyseUp Studios in Lyon, playable at in Grenoble, France

Etienne beschet thumbnail cha vos kara


Etienne beschet cha black f

Vos'Kara - Scavenger - Made with Maya/ZBrush/xNormals/3DCoat/Akeytsu by Coralie Bruchon ( Sculpt/Lowpoly/Uvs/Bake ) & me ( Textures/Rig/Posing )

Vos'Kara - Pose 01

Etienne beschet cha scavenger f turn

Vos'Kara - Scavenger - Turnarround