The Burning Descent | Environment Stuff

All environment pieces & level I did for The Burning Descent VR, for RyseUp Studios are here, the game run under Unreal Engine 4. I also helped on other fileds such as VFX art ( a little but super fun moments ! ), ConceptArt, Animation ( rigging & posing only for special purpose ) and Character's textures.

I used 3DCoat for mostly everything except for stencils/Brushes creation ( PS ) with custom smartmaterials ( same used on SWR project =) ), ZBrush for all of these canyon rocks ^^
3dsMax for all Lowpoly's and plenty of highpolys ( mostly when not organic )
MightyBake for baking.

Special thanks to Anthony Daneluzzi, Fantin Gislette, Alexandre Cheremetieff, Jonathan Belot, Laurent Dessart, Guillaume Zannoni, Maxime Teppe, Coralie Bruchon, Adrien Chenet, Milen Ivanov, and evryone who helped bringing this game to life ! I really enjoyed working with all of you and I hope we'll keep teaming'up like that in the future =)

The Burning Descent is a VR Game made@ RyseUp Studios in Lyon

Etienne beschet thumbnail set spawnervehicle

SpawnerVehicle - CrossSection

Etienne beschet plateforme 02

Plateforme 02 - One of those used to fight in the arena, it's defined as the VR Zone for the HTC Vive/Occulus

Plateforme 02

Etienne beschet capturepoint

Plateforme - CapturePoint : it's used as the main objective to win the game !

Plateforme - CapturePoint

Etienne beschet covers

Covers - Used on strategic points to protect players, you have some variations in order to fit to GameDesigner's needs


Etienne beschet techshard

TechShards - that's what prevents you killing random supporters ^^ It generates a huge shield arround the fighting zone


Etienne beschet farrocks

Far Rocks - Used to make most of the environment, even the hole

Far Rocks

Etienne beschet farbuildings

Far Buildings - The other big part of the far environment, used to compose the Arena's City. Please Note that all "rocky" ones were duplicated in order to show all of their sides

Far Buildings

Etienne beschet colossus

Colossus - There are two huge guys looking at you while you fight, far in the sky.


Etienne beschet farpipes

Far Pipes - Used a lot in the far Environment to break to "rockiness" present everywhere and add a soft touch of technology

Far Pipes

Etienne beschet holeprops

Hole Props - Used to refine borders of the fighting zone, and make the hole deeper by using kind of "diving pipes", the rails were used to fake stairs on the background environment or make some
reinforcement points on weakened rocks

Hole Props

Etienne beschet farrockbelt

Far Belt - Blocks used to simulate a kind of repeating fighting zone deeper in the hole, but older and no longer used for fighting

Etienne beschet beltrocks

Close Belt - Tileable texture on any segment you want with same base shape, I used it to connect the hole/spawners and the supporter's place

Etienne beschet levelrocksbuildings

LevelRocks Buildings - Used to create the level where you fight, each rock can also be used in 3 splitted blocks ( Base/Piston/Tower )

Etienne beschet speakers

Speakers - From where announcement come, with some flame VFX in game =)
I also separated each elements in order to make big "SoundPanels", which is more badass =D


Etienne beschet engine v2

Engine v2 - this one has a kind of ARK Reactor inspired by the one in "iron man" movie, which pulses ingame.

Engine v2

Etienne beschet spawnerrocks

SpawnRock - It's a huge rock that makes the bridge between the whole Arena and the 3 spawners

Etienne beschet spawnerarchitecture

Spawner Architecture Props

Etienne beschet victimbots

VIctimBots - Used to add some "life" in closer environments, one thing we thought about at the beginning was to use them as ragdolls before the fight to allow players having some fun while staying in their spawners ^^


Etienne beschet workshop s stuff

Workshop's Stuff - some things you can see into spawners, near you

Workshop's Stuff

Etienne beschet armoires

Armoires - Used in spawners


Etienne beschet infrastructure

Infrastructure - Used in spawners and Arena to add more immersion while you look at the environment


Etienne beschet motor stuff

Motor Stuff - used in spawners

Motor Stuff

Etienne beschet crates

Crates - Crates and barrels will always be part of most game's environments =P


Etienne beschet musical stuff

Musical's Stuff - Used in spawners, as I learn Celtic Arp I wanted to add a junk version of this instrument ;) I don't know if this version could work in real life, I wanted to add flames when the player collides with it, but my mates said "enough !" ^^"

Musical's Stuff

Etienne beschet plateform s stuff

Plateform's Additional Stuff - used on plateforms to support various gameplay components

Plateform's Additional Stuff

Etienne beschet floor stuff

Floor & cloth things

Floor & cloth things

Etienne beschet shelves wall s props

Shelves & Wall's Stuff - Used to "populate" spawners, ideally these would've been physical things you could've been able to throw away when waiting for a game to begin ^^

Shelves & Wall's Stuff

Etienne beschet skulls

Skulls - Used to add creepy modd on some parts, and at a time they were used as physical assets which you can interact with by shooting them


Etienne beschet spawnprops 02

SpawnerProps 02 - AddOn Props for the Vehicle's spawner

SpawnerProps 02

Etienne beschet ingame screenshot 01

The Arena, ingame screenshots. I assembled almost everything to bring this arena to life, but all of this wouldn't had run fine without our "blackmagic artist", Anthony Daneluzzi, who was here on technical & optimization stuff !

Etienne beschet ingame screenshot 02
Etienne beschet ingame screenshot 04

Arena - TechShards

Etienne beschet ingame screenshot 05

Arena - The Hole

Etienne beschet spawnervehicle

Spawner Vehicle - Unused Level in game for now, I did everything in it from asset's creation to rendering ( here in marmoset ). The vehicle is not polished, it's a highpoly I quickly painted into 3DCoat, one day I should made a clean prop with it ^^


Etienne beschet spawnervehicle door

SpawnerVehicle's Door

SpawnerVehicle's Door

Etienne beschet set spawner 01

Spawner 01

Etienne beschet set spawner 02

Spawner 02

Etienne beschet set spawner 03

Spawner 03

Etienne beschet set spawner 04

Spawner 04

Spawners - I did every single asset + LevelBuilding into Unreal, then I reworked the lighting pass on Marmoset to have a better view of each one ^^ Feel free to explore, play with the sunlight =)

The Burning Descent | Trailer ( ingame shots done by Lucien Gillonnier )