Syblast - GroundBreaker Skin

Hi everyone !

Here's an exclusive skin I made for Syblast, it's not an usual request (tbh, first time I had to work on one of my characters, and I really enjoyed that ! Getting my hands on it again was also the opportunity to think how I could improve each steps a bit more, such as sculpt or texturing, I learned some cool tricks there, and I also planned to do more original character on my freetime, not meaning I'll leave Redemption's project, but it seems I really love making characters so...why not making more ? =)

Get Syblast here :
(/!\ GroundBreaker's Skin is an exclusive Syblast's look, it's not sold publicly /!\)

I made it with :
- ZBrush ; Sculpt & polypaint (IDMap)
- 3dsMax ; Hardsurface elements, then retopo + UVW
- 3DCoat ; Texturing (using StarWarsRedemption's smartmaterials + personal Overwatch-like brushes)
- Akeytsu : Rigging/Skinning/Posing
- Marmoset 3 ; normalmap/IDMap baking & lighting/rendering

Etienne beschet cha syblast skin groundbreaker

Syblast - GroundBreaker skin - fully textured with 3D-Coat and rigged/skinned on Akeytsu

Etienne beschet cha syblast wireframe groundbreaker
Etienne beschet cha syblast render sculpt groundbreaker

Sculpt done with ZBrush and partialy 3dsmax ( for hardsurface parts )

Etienne beschet conceptart syblast groundbreaker

Syblast GroundBreaker's Skin - Concepts

Etienne beschet cha syblast render texturesbreakdown groundbreaker

Texture Breakdown. I use the same process on most of my models

Etienne beschet wallpaper akeytsu vexod14 syblast 01
Etienne beschet cha syblast render akeytsurig groundbreaker

Syblast's GroundBreaker Rig on Akeytsu

Etienne beschet cha syblast render akeytsuposings groundbreaker

Syblast's GroundBreaker Posing on Akeytsu

Etienne beschet capture d ecran 2019 07 24 19 22 34

Run animation pose =)