EnvironmentArt - Téo & Léonie

Hi all !

Back in 2014/2015 I did several assets/ environment stuff for a TV serie called "Téo & Léonie" at Kenzan Studios ( Geneva ), the short has been rendered in realtime on unreal engine 4. These assets were made with 3dsmax/Zbrush/Xnormals/Photoshop/3DCoat.

Special thanks to Milen Ivanov for his baking course, Laurent Dessart for his shaders and integration tips in ue4, Aurelien Baarsch for his great team management and environment skills, "The Cave team" and the whole team that worked hard on it =)

Sorry for that damn late post btw ^^

Les Voyages Fantastiques de Téo & Léonie - Teaser

Necklace's magical Gem

Etienne beschet collier


Etienne beschet tilingmaterials

Several handpainted materials ( + sculpt base sometime ), applied everywhere possible ( such as the pirateship/attic, etc )

Etienne beschet woodentileableplanks

Tileable wooden timber, used a lot like the tileable materials but only on "wood architecture"

Etienne beschet tent

Children's Tent

Etienne beschet structurecellar

Attic's architecture

Etienne beschet stuffcellar

Attic's stuff 01

Etienne beschet stuffcellar 2

Attic's stuff 02

Etienne beschet stuffship

Pirateship stuff

Etienne beschet machinevolante

"La machine Volante", inspired from one of the several sketches by Leonardo da Vinci